Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Vacation 2012 (a little late)

We were so blessed to get an extended vacation at Christmas this year, thanks to Christmas falling in the middle of the week.  Of course, we all packed up and headed to the Hun-Tin House for 10 days of rest and hunting.

Our trip started off a little scary.  We got 2 minutes down the road and we blew a tire.  It sent us into the ditch and scared this poor momma to death!  It happened to be freezing cold which only added to the drama.  We unloaded the back of the car, changed the tire, reloaded the car only to drive back home.  We then unloaded again and reloaded in Rob’s truck.  Whoo!!!  That was a lot of work.  But we got back on the road safe and sound, thankful for God’s protection.

Mom did a fantastic job of decorating for Christmas.  I wish I would’ve taken more pictures, but it was really neat to see all of our stockings hung by the chimney with care.  It took both sides of the fireplace!

iphone 750 iphone 749


We had an extra blessing this Christmas.  Rob’s dad, Grandpa Andy and Grandma Karen came to spend Christmas with us.  What a blast!!!

iphone 770

iphone 782

I started the hunting off right and in style with my new hat from Grandpa Andy.  It was so warm!

iphone 755

The kids enjoyed hunting too! 

iphone 757

Christmas day, we split up and hunted with our dads.  It turned out to be a 5 hour hunt in the pouring rain!!!  But it was such an adventure. (But didn’t kill anything.)

iphone 762

Speaking of long hunts, we had a marathon hunt one afternoon.  We hunted for 6 hours straight.  I was hunting by myself so I was so bored. 

iphone 760 

But I did get to kill a hog.  (The only measly thing I killed in 10 days.)


One afternoon, Rob and I each took a child.  We had lots of fun. (But didn’t kill anything.)

iphone 772 iphone 769

When we weren’t outside hunting (which I stayed in every morning) we found plenty to do to keep us busy.

We dressed up and rode the tricycle inside.

iphone 767

We slept!  We did a lot of this!

iphone 780

Friday was Rob’s birthday.  SG baked him some cupcakes in her easy bake oven.

 iphone 777iphone 779

We also found time to play with our FAVORITE Christmas gift.  Sorry for the sound.  My speaker phone is broken, but this girl can get it!!!  She must get it from her Daddy!


We had an amazing Christmas, and spent time thanking God for all of His blessings in our lives. 

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