Thursday, January 24, 2013

Emmy- 2 months

2 monthsThis precious girl turned 2 months old.  I.CANNOT.BELIEVE.IT!!  We went to the pediatrician yesterday, and poor baby had to get her shots.  I felt terrible for all of my children, but yesterday seemed even harder.  I think I must be getting softer in my old age!

Here is what Emmy is up to this month:

  • 11 lbs, 6 oz.
  • 22 3/4” long
  • She in the the 75th percentile in all areas, which is funny because we have never had a kid get out of the 10th percentile.  Cade and SaraGrace are both holding steady in the 5th!
  • She is in a size 2 diaper.
  • She eats 6 oz at a time, every 3-4 hours except at night.
  • She is sleeping through the night EVERY night (Hallelujer!!!)
  • She is the happiest baby!  She is always smiling and laughing.  She was even happy yesterday with a bow in her hair.
  • She coos and makes all kinds of noises which is absolutely adorable.
  • I started using the sling to carry her around and she loves it.  So do I!

What a joy Emmy is to us!!!  Her brother and sister think pretty highly of her too:)

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Carrie said...

She is a doll! :)