Monday, January 24, 2011


Cade hasn’t been called “Medi-Cade” since he was 2.  He got that nickname because he was so sick all of the time, that one of our friends coined the name just for him.  Well, Cade thought 5 years was long enough for that name to be laid to rest, so he used it on Thursday.

I got a call from the school that he had taken a nasty fall in PE, and that he had a headache, was throwing up, and couldn’t remember anything that happened. 

When I got to the school, we decided we better call the rescue to come check him out.


This was the ambulance that came to see him.  Station 20 is the same station that responded to SG’s Trick-or-Treat fall.

They determined he probably had a concussion, so off to Shands we went.  Bless his heart, they had him in a neck brace, and then gave him an iv (“RV”) in the ambulance. That was terrifying for him.  But he was a trooper.

We arrived at Shands and they did a CT scan, and it showed no signs of bleeding, but he continued to throw up for several hours.  He also had a terrible headache (Imagine that!)

Cade NeckbraceHe was miserable…and hungry.  But they wouldn’t let him have anything to eat.  My favorite line of the night was ,”These people are trying to kill me!  They want me to starve to death!”  That got a laugh:)

They did admit us for overnight observation, and the new set of nurses told him he could eat.  But only one thing would do….CHEESE FRIES!  Keep in mind it was after 9:00pm, and not to mention, pouring down rain.  But, Momma went to Texas Roadhouse to get that baby some cheese fries.

Cade Cheese Fries 

Doesn’t he look much happier?  After consuming 2 packs of pudding, cheese fries, and cheerios, he decided it was time to sleep. 

The next day, Aunt Kiss brought us breakfast, then Aunt Amy came.  Then Mrs. Kim came with a card and balloon from the whole class.  That made his day. 

We went back to school to get my car, and all of his classmates had made him individual cards too.  He was so excited to tell them all that had happened, but was particularly proud to show them where his “RV” had been.  I do believe he really enjoyed all of the attention.  It did his little heart good:)


AMW said...

Oh my gosh, it sounds like his nick-name might fit after all! :) What a scare, so glad it was nothing major and that yall got that baby some cheese fries! Only a grandmother would get her boy exactly what he wanted! Love it. :)

Carrie said...

Cheese fries?!?! I love it. Glad ot hear he is feeling better. Yikes, what a scare!

Me..... said...

So glad to hear that he is okay...he is a little trooper!