Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cade, and a story from Camp!

I cannot believe my little man is 8 years old today!  It was this day, in 2003, that God showed me how to love unconditionally. 

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Cade was our first miracle child.


I will never forget finding out that we were pregnant, after doctors had told me I would never be able to do so.

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We are so proud of you, Cade.


This year, we have seen you grow into a young man, displaying faith and courage greater than ours at times.


You made straight A’s and we couldn’t be happier with all you have accomplished.


We love you!!!



Cade just got back from overnight camp.  He was so excited to get to go.  But I have to tell you, he is growing up so fast!  He has been asking his Daddy about wearing deodorant.  Rob told him he didn’t need it right now, and he was thoroughly disappointed.  However, during the great cleanout, we found some deodorant spray that Rob had been given.  Rob gave it to Cade, and he thought he was big stuff.  This deodorant stinks to high heaven, and Cade proceeded to fumigate our entire house throughout the day.  There is no way there are any remnants of a living creature in his room.  I had the smell in my nose for days. 

When we were packing for camp, he made sure he had his deodorant.  I just knew we would get reports of having to evacuate the bunk room due to dangerous fumes in the form of Axe deodorant spray.  Thankfully everyone survived, even the can of deodorant. 

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simpletruelove said...

Happy Happy Birthday to SWEET Cade!! I love Cade for so MANY reasons ... his sweet personality, his ability to "take care of himself" even though he is so small, his courage to give ANYTHING a try, his love for his family AND most of all his love for GOD and JESUS - he wants to tell the world about his Faith that he has learned from his wonderful parents!! At such a young age sweet Cade has demonstrated to so many HIS strong Faith in God - he has been such an encouragement to all of US!! When I think back over the years some of my fondest memories are of Cade and BzR fishing off the dock at the river ... those 2 can sit there for hours - never catching a single fish - BUT enjoying EVERY second of it!! Cade is a FINE young man - BzR and Aunt Amy are so proud of him and we love him VERY much!!!!

catrinaisme said...

Please tell Cade "Happy Birthday" from the Cole Family..expecially Trinity :-)
BTW, Trinity got some great pics of him at camp. As soon as I can remember to have her load them I'll forward them to you.

theenie said...

Won't be long and he will stink up the house and car because he forgot to put on his deodorant

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Cade! Hope y'all had a great birthday party, SaraBeth.