Monday, October 3, 2011

48 Pounds of Tough

Do you want to see some serious cuteness, I mean toughness?  I have finally posted some pictures of Cade playing football.  All pictures are courtesy of Embrace Yourself Photography.

At practice, Cade was able to perfect the move of recovering the ball. 

Apparently it worked, because 2 weeks ago, he got a  fumble recovery in the game!  Momma was OH SO PROUD!!!

How cute is this?


See that white tape at his knees?  That is something his Daddy rigged up for him to keep his pants up.  They are too big, so we just tape ‘em.  It makes him easier to spot on the field:)

Here he is getting ready to go in for the kill!


Look at him tackle that boy three times his size!  That is Cade with his hand on his butt…


Just to show you how tough Cade really is, look at the size difference.  That is Cade turned sideways facing the other player.  He doesn’t back down.  THAT’S MY BOY!!!

While we are talking about cuteness, we happen to have the hottest coach in the Pop Warner league!!!


In all seriousness, it doesn’t matter how tough we are.  We are nothing without the power of Jesus Christ.  This picture just makes me so proud to be a part of an organization like this…


Anonymous said...

I love this, SaraBeth! Cade is quite the little man! Love reading your blog--thank you for sharing so honestly. Love you much!!! Sarah B.

Surrounded-By-Boys said...

Girl-I'd be a nervous wreck with my boys on the football field! Don't know how you do it! He sure is cute though!