Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Preacher Man

We are convinced that Cade is our little Preacher Man.  He takes very seriously the message of Jesus Christ, and doesn’t mind sharing it with anyone.

IMG_3106 As I’ve shared multiple times, Cade has really struggled with losing his sister.  But he has used it to help him be more bold in sharing about Jesus. 

Last week, as I was picking him up from school, he had a piece of paper in his hand that looked like it had had a hard day.  He said, “Guess what I did today, Mommy?”  He looked so proud as he told me he started a Bible Study in his class.  That piece of paper was the  “form” for everyone to fill out.  He wanted to make copies so everyone in his class could have one.  We walked into the school office, and Mrs. Melanie was so sweet to copy his “forms.”

He then told me that he named his Bible Study “Having Faith and Hope.”  Then he said, “You know why I wanted to do this, Mommy?” 

I said “Why honey.” 

He said “I want to change my life.  I don’t want to be mean to my friends.”

My heart melted.  His teacher then told me that Cade said he knew how to do a Bible Study because his daddy used to have one.  I nearly gasped!  We haven’t done that Bible Study in over a year. 

But what really caught me off-guard was the fact that it had made an impact on him.  He spent most of those nights running through the house, aggravating his sister and playing games.  But he was paying attention.

The Lord really spoke to me saying “What kind of example are you setting for  your children these days?”  “What will be the next thing that they pick up because of something they have learned from you?”

Admittedly, we have been so busy with every day life lately.  Football, church, gym, date nights, and the list goes on and on for the things that occupy our time each week.  We do our morning devotions and prayer time, then we have family prayer time at night.  While those things are wonderful, are we truly doing everything we can to invest in our children to further the Kingdom of Heaven?  

While Rob and I were driving one afternoon, we heard a message on the radio that discussed being busy.  This preacher said that BUSY stood for “Being Under Satan’s Yoke.”  Wow!  He said that Satan wants us to fill our time with worldly wants and needs, then at the end of the day we are too tired to be good husbands and wives, good parents to our children, and definitely too tired to give Jesus any of our time. 

We are so proud that Cade is boldly sharing Jesus with the people around him.  Our prayer is to be obedient to the will of God to do things that impact our children for eternity.  You never know when they are paying attention.

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing message! Thank you for sharing this. We all need to take note of our BUSY lives and what the children in our lives pick up on!