Monday, October 24, 2011

BIG Weekend

This weekend proved to be HUGE in the Vaughn household.  It was busy, but oh so fun.

The weekend started on Friday night at the Women’s Resource and Medical Clinic’s Annual Banquet.  This is a pro-life organization that my family has supported for years.  It has come to mean a lot more to me in the past year.  I was asked to speak and share about Faith.  I have never been more nervous, but once I got up there, the Lord blessed me with a peace and I overflowed with pride as I shared what my daughter has meant to us and many others.

We left from there and drove until 1:30 am to get to the hunting woods.  It was opening rifle season in GA, and heaven forbid we miss it!  Remember this?

SB gun

Rob was so excited for me to finally be able to shoot it.  But I am sad to report that it served as nothing more than an accessory because we didn’t see anything we could shoot.  But guess who did?

deer 1Cade shot his first deer and he was so proud of himself.  I think Papa was even more proud (but not as proud as Momma and Daddy!).  Rob and I had to leave Saturday afternoon for a Sunday School party, so Cade stayed with Gamma and Papa.  He had to use Papa’s BIG gun to shoot it because it was so far away.

Sunday, SaraGrace had a big day.  She got to do this:

Gator Cheerleaders 003Aunt Amy arranged a special meeting for SG and the Gator cheerleaders.  There was a volleyball game, and the girls (and boys) cheered for them.  They practiced earlier and SG got to be in the middle of the action.

But she wasn’t the only one.  Brooke and Hayley got to go too.  They were so good to SG and she just loves them!

 Gator Cheerleaders 002

Aunt Amy and Hayley.

Gator Cheerleaders 004

Then SaraGrace wanted to play like she was shy.

Gator Cheerleaders 005It was breast cancer awareness day, so the girls had pink pompoms.  Our girl was loving that!  Gator Cheerleaders 008

Everyone was so sweet to make SG feel like part of the team.  They even taught her the Gator Bait cheer.

Gator Cheerleaders 009

I hate that this picture is blurry, but she and SG both had red hair:)

Gator Cheerleaders 010

  SaraGrace got all excited when they started doing “junaxtix” and “stumps.”Gator Cheerleaders 006

She thought she wanted them to put her up in a stump.  So Mr. Josh asked some of the guys to come and put her up.  Because she was so scared of the fact that there were boy cheerleaders (she kept saying they weren’t real cheerleaders, but they were SO SWEET to her,) they got this young lady to stump with SG.

Gator Cheerleaders 011

  After practice, it was time for the volleyball game.  SG thought the girls (and guys) were the coolest, until Alberta came around in a pink dress.  This is one of my favorite pictures of the day. 

Gator Cheerleaders 014

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well.  Happy Monday!

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I have been a blog-comment-slacker lately I know ... Please forgive me!!

YOU did an AWESOME job Friday night!! God gave you the peace, strength and words and you made HIM, Faith and the rest of us so proud!!!! I look forward to hearing you share Faith's story for MANY more years to come!!

Sunday was such a FUN day!! Mom and Kristy said the girls can't stop talking about it!! We will get another date set up for gymnastics and maybe by then Gracie won't be so scared of the BOYS!!

Love YOU Bess!!