Thursday, October 20, 2011

Random and Not So Random

This is a hodge-podge post with lots of little tidbits of things going on.  Some are random, some are NOT.

We’ll start with the Random:

  • SG can’t decide what she wants to be for Halloween, but a kitty cat seems to be the most popular.  I thought it would be cute to dress her in all black, with a black tutu, ears and whiskers.  But she informed me “No Tutus!”  When I asked her why, she replied, “Because I HATE tutus.”  I’m still picking up the pieces of my heart because I LOVE to see my girl in a tutu.


  • Speaking of Halloween, Rob and Cade spent the majority of our grocery trip to Walmart in the scary makeup section.  They bought all kinds of stuff.  There are some tattoos that look like scars, and Rob just had to try them out on Cade.  While SG was watching, she said, “Mommy, I want a tattoo.”  I asked her what she would get.  She said, “A butterfly.”  I asked her where she would get it.  She said, “At the dentist.”


  • You know you work with mostly family when this happens:  I brought in one of my favorite bras for Aunt Lisa to fix.  She laid it on the front counter, and we realized it only AFTER several men came in to get their checks.  NICE!


  • If you are friends with me on Facebook, you saw that I posted yesterday would have been Faith’s 5 month birthday.  It was a little hard, as it is each month.  But over the weekend, our family of 4 went to spruce up “Faith’s Garden” as named by SaraGrace.  It looks so much more cheery (if that is a word.)

Faith's gardenI have to tell you that I went to Dollar General last Sunday afternoon to pick up some essentials.  But they were having a 90% off sale on their wind chimes.   I have seen some out at the cemetery, and I have since wanted to put some in Faith’s Garden.  There were so many to choose from, but there was one very special one that caught my eye.  It was a cross that said “Faith” in the middle of it.  I knew it would be perfect!


Now, on to the Not So Random:

  • Please pray for me as I will be sharing the story of our little girl at the Women’s Resource and Medical Clinic Banquet, tomorrow night.  I am thrilled with the opportunity, but I want to only be a vessel of the words that the Lord gives me.  I want to honor Him!


  • PLEASE PRAY for Jacob Jones.  He is 13 months old and was just diagnosed with Tay-Sach’s.  Here is a little of his story…

clip_image002Jacob’s Story

My name is Jacob Alan Lee Jones and I was born on August 29, 2010. Recently the doctors diagnosed me with a very rare disease called Tay-Sachs, which currently has no cure. With the help of friends and family, they are trying to share my story with the world, in attempt to help take me to Peru, for what could be a life-saving treatment. A facebook page has been created to provide updates, prayers, support and love for both me and my family. Please “friend request” me at Jacob Alan Lee Jones.

Donations can be made at ServisFirst Bank under:

Erica & Justin Jones for the benefit of Jacob Alan Lee Jones

If you would like to help with the upcoming fundraisers, please contact Erika Freeman at (205) 243-0327 cell, (205) 397-5125 work or

Thank you for all your prayers and support!

To read more about Tay-Sach’s disease please visit:

The National Tay-Sachs & Allied Diseases Association, Inc. (NTSAD)

This world of blogging has been wonderful for sharing prayer requests.  Please lift this family up in your prayers.

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