Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I have been so swamped at work, I feel like I have abandoned my blog.  Shame on me!  But I am hopefully back on track and can stay on top of it.

Sunday afternoon, after church, we were invited to the Gibson’s to go swimming.  The men went geocaching ( an entire post of its own)and the girls sat out by the pool.  Once the guys got back, we decided to trek to the back woods and pick wild blackberries.


This was our ride-


When we got to the back, there were TONS of blackberries.  But with TONS of blackberries, come TONS of thorns.


Because we were all in shorts and flip flops, and some were even barefoot, this is how we rolled.

sg madisonWe did some “drive-by pickin’.” 

We spent over an hour out in the patch, and had the best time.  Here are the girls-


Us Mommas had just as much fun.


We had a pretty good harvest considering we were all hanging off the side of the buggy and trying to avoid the thorns.


We had just enough berries to make a cobbler to share between our families.  It was mighty tasty!!!

We have enough blackberry stains and thorny wounds to last a while, but my girl has made memories that will last forever.  She’s still talking about it!


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Madison Gibson said...

hahaha i remember that aunt sarabeth!! i wuvvv you!!!