Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rivalry and Renovations

Are my two children the only two that fight like cats and dogs?  My mother swears that us girls fought like that, but it didn’t drive me nearly as crazy as my own two.  I’m sure it is just a payback:)

Cade and SaraGrace fight constantly.  We have racked our brains to come up with ways to make them love one another, and I believe Rob finally found it.

Saturday, we were cleaning out our house  for some renovations.  These two had been at it all day, and we had had enough.  The solution?

photoDon’t they look excited?  They had to hug one another for 10 minutes.  It got really ugly at one time, then Rob made them look at each other.  They were something else.  But they learned to be more loving to one another…at least temporarily.

See the mess in the background?  We got a wild hair and decided to start some renovations to our house.  We have to move completely out by Monday, so they can get the work done.  However, at this moment, we are still waiting on a place to stay.  Nothing like  waiting until the last minute!

We are super excited about all of the changes coming our way.  A new baby brings change, and we can’t wait to see the completed project.  I will definitely be taking pictures along the way, so stay tuned.

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Surrounded-By-Boys said...

mine fight ALL the time too!