Thursday, June 14, 2012

Random Updates

I can barely catch my breath at work these days.  I am SWAMPED.  That is the reason for my blog laziness lately.  So in an attempt to update something, I thought I’d do some randoms.

Work- Work has been crazy busy for me.  A couple of changes are happening which has landed me more responsibility.  Yesterday, we were onsite in Inglis.  It was so hot, and I about died.  I don’t think I have sweated like that in years.  But at least I  looked somewhat official.


Rob- There really are no updates on Rob.  He doesn’t ever let me take his picture because he knows he’ll end up on the blog:)  He has been busy getting things ready to move out of our house for a month.  We are starting some renovations, and we are super excited.  We just have WAY.TOO.MUCH.STUFF!!!  But he’s got it all under control.

Cade- Cade is going to Camp this summer and he is having a blast.  Football is fast approaching and he is so excited.  He has gained 5 pounds since last season.  You wanna know how?

Cade wingsThis boy is an eating machine lately.  This was him after devouring his weight in barbecue wings.  He told me I should work at Kazbor’s because they were so good. 

Cade was disappointed to learn we were not having him a brother.  He cried for a little while, and then got mad.  We tried explaining to him that he will be thankful he doesn’t have to share a room, but that just wasn’t cutting it.  He is now on a mission to have us adopt him a brother.  I’m sure he’ll warm up to the idea of another sister shortly.

SaraGrace-  SaraGrace is going to Camp too this summer.  This is her first time and she is absolutely loving it.  But they are wearing her out!!!

Day one she put herself to bed as soon as she got home.

SG sleep day one

Day three she made it two steps inside the front door.

SG sleep day 3

She’s having the time of her life.  Of course she is excited about having a little sister, and she is loving that she will be sharing a room.  I will remind her of this in about 2 years:)

Emmy- There are no new updates with Baby Emmy.  We are just thrilled about another little girl in the house.   We are now all taking bets on her hair color. Since we have had a blonde, a red, and a brunette, it will be interesting to see what happens. 

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