Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet Diesel

Last Wednesday, I got a phone call from my dearly beloved BFF, Amy.  She had been informed of a dog that needed to be rescued that day, or he was going to meet his maker.

I knew what Rob’s answer would be, but I called him anyway.  He said, “Check it out and let me know.”  Because Amy didn’t have any pictures, we started searching the animal shelters and the pound.  In the mean time, we stumbled across this pound puppy-

poundHe was a mastiff mix, just like Rob’s best dog ever, Fender.  I thought he was a little scary looking, but Rob thought we should go check him out. 

After a phone call from Amy that the original puppy had found a home, we went to the pound to look at this dog.  I absolutely hate going there.  All of the puppies meet you at their gate to say, “Pick me!  Pick me!”  It breaks my heart. 

When we got to cage 24, we laid eyes on the sweetest puppy ever!!!  Rob was instantly in love!!!  Keep in mind, our kids had no idea we were even discussing a dog.

When we picked up Cade and SaraGrace from Nanny’s, we had this beast in the back of my little ole’ Rogue:


A 70 pound slobbering glob of puppy love!!!  We named him Diesel, and the kids were over the moon!

His pound name was Goober, and I thought it was a strange name for such a big dog.  But we soon learned why he may have been named that.  Every time you go to pet him, this is what he does:

laydown He just rolls over, tongue hanging out, wanting some more attention.

Saturday, we loaded him up for his free vet visit.  That was a trip!  SaraGrace and me were going to handle it by ourselves so the boys could make it to football on time.  However, after some deep thought, Rob thought it was best if he went to handle him.  Diesel is still a puppy, and is full of energy. 

Not that he’s any different from our kids:)

Cade and SG were fascinated by the jar of heartworms.  Cade asked all kinds of questions, and fully educated himself on how they occur.

heartworms Let’s just say that the conversation took a turn for the worst when they took his temperature and checked him for worms.

Diesel showed everyone what a sweet baby he was, because he just rolled over every time someone showed him some attention.

Look at that face-


We are all so in love with our new baby, although I think Cade and Rob are the most excited!  Cade tells us everyday what his plans are when he gets home- play with Diesel. 


Carrie said...

I'm dying...between the jar of heart worms (really?!) and the name Goober. I think your new puppy is a nice looking Diesel :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful pup! We have a full-blooded English Mastiff that is coming up on 5 years old. She is the biggest slobbery baby! But she lets the kids roll all over her, pull her tail, and get in her face; and all she does is lick them! Enjoy the newest family member!