Monday, September 24, 2012

My Favorite Pregnancy Product

I’ve done a few posts on my favorite things, so I thought I would share my most favorite thing during this pregnancy.

I have never purchased any miracle stretch mark creams or expensive maternity pillows (although I could benefit from both) because frankly, I’m just too much of a tight wad.  However, I have stumbled across what could possibly be the most effective pregnancy product ever…

rolling pinthe $1 rolling pin from the Target Dollar Bin.

I discovered it by mistake, actually.  My legs and back have been hurting something fierce.  My dr. wrote me a prescription for some massage therapy, but my insurance wouldn’t cover it.  I love a massage, but I can’t afford $60 every other day.  So I had to get thrifty.

I asked my darling husband Rob, if he would try to roll my legs and my back with SaraGrace’s rolling pin.  Can I tell you that I had a momentary out-of-body experience?  This thing works!!!  Who’d have thought it?  He has been so gracious to roll my hurting muscles every day.  I love that man!!!

Can you add the Dollar Bin to a baby registry?  My sister’s baby shower is this weekend.  I’m thinking I might just buy her a rolling pin:)