Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lunch at the Office

Working in a family business can have it’s struggles, that is for sure.  But it also comes with many blessings.  One of those blessings for us is that Granny and Wimmy come once a week (most weeks) and cook lunch for us. 

Fortunately for us, it was today.  We had a spread of venison cubed steak, fresh butter beans, fresh corn, fresh okra, tomatoes and cucumbers, rice and gravy, corn bread, and banana pudding.  Needless to say, we all need a nap!

But one of the other blessings it brings, is time spent as a family.  This is what we got to do today…

SaraGrace got to skip school today and come help cook.  Her job was to flour the cubed steak.  I’m not sure which got the flour-the steak or her.

SG flour

Then she convinced Granny to borrow her earrings.  She just had to try them on.


But the highlight was SaraGrace convincing Papa to try on the earrings.  I think they look marvelous with his hair:)


This is just a glimpse of the fun times we get to experience together.  Some days are more fun than others, but today was one of those days!


simpletruelove said...

Lunch at the office ... I sure do miss those days ... there ain't nothin in this world as good as Granny's pear tarts and WARM banana pudding!! I remember when Granddaddy and Granny would cook 3 days a week and Mondays was ALWAYS lima beans and rice for Daddy O. Oh and please tell Daddy O those pearl earrings sure do look nice on him!!!! XOXO

Christina said...
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Christina said...

Tell Mr. Dex he is lookin' pretty hot...Bryan might have an opening for him as a "sista wife"!!!! LOL! Miss you guys! XOXO

Charon Benton said...

YUM....certainly a blessing to have all that wonderful food cooked for you!