Monday, September 19, 2011

Football, Fear and Fans

Our weekend was CRAZY!!!  I feel like I needed to come back to work just to rest:)  We started out Saturday with Cade’s Pop Warner game.  I didn’t get but one picture, but it’s  really cute!!

Gracie with her pickle.


A funny story about the pickle….We walked to the concession stand at 10:00am.  She had just eaten breakfast, but insisted on a pickle too.  The nice lady opened the brand new jar of pickles, and pulled out the one on top.  SaraGrace asked her, “Ma’am, that one ain’t big enough, can I have that one?” as she pointed out the biggest pickle in the jar.  Luckily for her, the nice lady totally obliged.

After Cade’s game, we rushed home to get ready to go to the Swamp. 

Here’s Rob and me before the game.  I hate that this is so dark. 


I’m so glad Amy got to go with me.  This was a rare treat!  And this picture is even better!!!


Cade had to wear his Tennessee jersey, and he did it so proudly.  Grandpa Andy sent this to him so it is very special. 


Once we left the Swamp, we headed North to the “Hun-Tin House.”  We had to hang some lights and fans.

Cade kept busy sweeping all of the saw dust.  He did a great job!Cade sweep

   SaraGrace kept the snack schedule running tightly.  She even shared with Macy (the dog.)

Grace snack

Remember the lights and fans?  Well, I wanted to help, but I didn’t realize I would be spending the day on top of this.


See that death grip?  I kid you not, I have blisters on my hands, and I am pretty sure it is from hanging on for dear life.

I was able to let go, briefly, but just for a picture. 

“Look!  No hands!”

no hands

I did finally get somewhat comfortable and Rob and I hung fans and some of the lights. 


Here is a picture of the ceiling.  It looks beautiful!


And here are the fruits of our labor!  We have light!!!


Rob and Jon had to stay overnight and finish it up today.   Now that’s dedication!!!

There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are plugging along.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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catrinaisme said...

Looks like you guys are doing a great job on your cabin/house. It will be a nice place to retreat from all the busy.
I am happy to see you and the family are doing well.
Cade and SaraGrace are growing so fast, glad we are able to follow.
Take care, Catrina