Monday, September 26, 2011

JU-NAX-TIX & Cheerleading

As I mentioned on Friday, SaraGrace started her very first gymnastics class.  This is the first extra-curricular thing she has ever done.

She just looked so cute in that leotard.


She was so excited that she got to do cartwheels…




and backbends.  They even showed her how to do handstands and backbends against the wall.  I’m sure we will be picking out a new wall paint color in the next few months!

Here she is doing her cartwheel.


While a gold medal may not be in our near future, a broken arm just might.  Let’s hope not!!!

And since this post is all about SaraGrace, here are her newest cheerleading pictures.

SG and her partner in crime.


Here she is putting Elmo up in a “stump”.  For those of you who do not know cheer lingo, that would actually be a stunt. 


I even caught her trying to convince Cade to let her put him up in a “stump”.  Thank goodness he didn’t agree to her terms:)


Carrie said...

She is a hoot! I love that she is doing hand stands already. Gracious sakes!!

From the Bumpy Road said...

Elmo in a "stump." That is so cute! Brings back Pop Warner memories :)

AMW said...

SOOOO precious!!!! She is too cute for words. Love that she tried to put Cade up in a "stump"! Ha ha.. We're planning to start ballet in January and I cannot wait! :)