Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Randoms

I see everyone posting about random stuff, and now I finally get it.  There are just some happenings that are going on, but they don’t require a post to themselves.  So here is my random post:

  • Progress reports came home this week, and Cade did not disappoint.  All A’s and one B.  He was so upset about having a B, but I told him we would work to get it to an A before report card time.
  • Football is still alive and well.  We’ll be cheering on those tigers on Saturday.
  • Rob and I finally booked a cruise for just the two of us.  We really need a vacation, AMEN?
  • SaraGrace is so excited.  Today is her first day of “JU-NAX-TIX”.  In case you can’t decipher, it’s gymnastics.  I’m sure that will warrant a post on it’s own.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and GOOOOOOO GATORS!!!!

1 comment:

Carrie said...

Please post about your little gymnast! I bet she will have a ball! Annie and I are threatening putting Belle and Allie in dance class come January, and she is so excited. She calls it "lay" as in ballet!