Wednesday, September 28, 2011

School Pictures {SaraGrace}

SaraGrace had school pictures today.  I was so proud that I actually remembered, so she was dressed really cute! 

I forgot to take a picture before we left for school, but luckily, her sweet teacher took this with her phone and sent it to me…


Y’all…my children never grow.  I’m telling you, we wear the same clothes for several seasons.  Here is SG in this same exact dress, only 2 years ago.

 school pics 2011 003 

I’m really glad she can still wear it, because I think she looks just precious!

Tomorrow is Cade’s picture day, so I will have even more cuteness to show you.

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Surrounded-By-Boys said...

and cuteness it is! LOVE THE DRESS!!!! can't wait to see cade's pictures!