Thursday, September 15, 2011


What have we been up to lately?  Well, we’ve been crazy busy both at home and at work, which explains the SEVERE lack of blogging lately.  So today, we will catch up on what has been going on.  Hold on, because this is going to be long, random and have lots of pictures.

Football has consumed nearly every moment of our lives lately.  We spend Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at the football field.  That makes for one tired Momma!  But Cade is having such a great time.

Here are my two littles after the game on Saturday.  Cade had a great game, as we played his old team from last year.  He even snuck in a tackle on one of their star players.  I was sooooo proud!


Let me tell you a little about Cade this week in practice.  He has had a pretty good week.  If he has a good practice tonight, he has possibly earned himself a starting position on the offensive line.  Did you hear that?  Offensive Line!!!  Um, just so you know all 47 pounds of sugar will be blocking some 90 pounds of something else.  I would say I may just be a little nervous.  But my little Rudy can handle it!!!

Little Miss Cheerleader is still going strong!  Here she is doing a toe touch during the game. 

IMG_1132 Help me Lord as  I believe this just may be some payback.  At least that’s what my Momma says.

Here’s another “Hands on Hips and Smiles on Lips” moment.


And we can’t forget our attempt to do a split.  I’m so scared she’s going to split something that ain’t supposed to be split.  She is such a rounder!!!


Here’s all three of the munchkins!  Brinley is one of Cade’s biggest fans! 


After the game on Saturday, we met up with some friends and went to Rock The Universe at Universal Studios.

We had such a great time, and Rob and I enjoyed getting to spend some time together, worshipping the Lord with some of the greatest artists around. 

picture 003


We had to take this picture for Cade.  Apparently, this is Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s car, and since he is now SOOOO into Nascar, this was a must-have-photo.  He couldn’t believe we actually got to see something like this.  I’m so glad HE was excited:)

picture 001

Our first order of business was to ride Shrek 4D.  The line was incredibly short, and the glasses were incredibly ridiculous!!!  Here’s Patty and me sporting these lovely accessories. 

picture 005

We rode a couple of other rides, but then it was time to see one of our favorites…Third Day! 

picture 006   

They were amazing, as always!  Then it was time to see our all-time favorite, Casting Crowns.  They just don’t come much better than that!  The Holy Spirit was alive and well in that place, and I believe that revival took place.  They sang two of their new songs, The Well, and Jesus, Friend of Sinners.  Check these two songs out.  I promise they will bless your heart!

This was our first time at Rock the Universe, but we have been to Night of Joy several times before.  I must say how much I LOVED Universe because we were able to hear the gospel presentation shared with so many on several occasions throughout the night. 

Even though we have been so busy, we are so careful to keep our focus on the One who has granted us so many blessings.  Are you focused on Him?  He sure wants you be!  I hope you all have a wonderful day, and know that Jesus loves you!

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