Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A New Venture

***Last update:  I wanted to post an article that has some good information in it about the product.

***Updated:  After several emails, I realize I didn’t actually explain how we used Mila.  Mila is a food that looks like pepper, but has no taste or smell.  It is micro-sliced chia seed.  I bake with it in muffins and cupcakes, as well as stir it in our food.  For example, Cade is very picky.  If he sees something that looks funny, he will not eat it.  So I will bake it in his breakfast foods and he doesn’t know the difference.  It’s food properties are the same up to 500 degrees.  But last night, I sprinkled it on his chicken and dumplings and peas, and he lapped it right up.  For me, I start with 1/2 scoop in my glass of orange juice, and then sprinkle the remainder on my lunch and dinner.  It just depends on what works for you.  I know that my mom and BFF eat it in their yogurt in the mornings, and my sister mixes it in a smoothie. 

Last week, I briefly told you about our new experience with a food called Mila.  But I feel like it deserves it’s own post.

Cade is on a medication for ADHD.  It has worked wonders for the boy.  He is a straight-A student, and continues to excel in school.  However, we started noticing some not-so-wonderful side effects.  He didn’t eat, and is down to a whopping 43 pounds.  In the mornings, before he got his medicine, it was brutal.  He was very angry, emotional, impulsive.  We also found the same to be true as he was “coming down” off of the medicine, which typically happens around the time I pick him up from school.  He was just an unhappy camper.  Of course, our situation at home wasn’t helping matters any, because everyone’s emotions are high.

I would like to report that in the two weeks we have been using this product, we have a different child.  He is so pleasant, has an appetite, and overall, he’s just much happier.  It seems as though he is more even-keeled than before.  He has been so much more attentive at baseball practice and games in the evenings, played well with his sister, and just been a gem!

I have also been using it.  I can tell that my emotions are more stable, and I have a lot more energy.  My sister has completely come off of her anti-depressants.  Others have reported weight loss.

Mila has been shown to reduce the effects of ADHD and autism in children, and it also has many health benefits for adults.  Because I believe in this product, and I have seen first-hand how it has helped Cade and my family, I have signed up to be a distributor.  If you would like more information, please visit my website at  There is a ton of information there, but if you have any questions, or would like some more information, please email me and I will be happy to get you the information you need.

I am so thankful that God brought our friend, Rachel, back into our life to share this with us.  It has been a blessing to us, especially my son:)


catrinaisme said...

Thanks for sharing about this product, I'll check out your site. I miss seeing you guys at church, the room always brightens when your family is around. SaraGrace and Cade are growing up to be such beautiful children. Hopefully Trinity will see him at camp this summer. I have been following your blog. You and your family are in our prayers. Catrina

SaraBeth said...

Thank you so much Catrina! Cade missed seeing Trinity at Spring Break Camp. But maybe he can see her this summer. He always asks if she can babysit him:)

catrinaisme said...

If he's going he will see her, we're hoping she can be a counselor this year but we might have to wait 1 more year. Oh well, I'm glad that she wants to go either way :-)
If he ever wants to see her he is more than welcomed to come over and hang out, so is SaraGrace. If they know how to swim we are getting our pool up hopefully this week. Offer is always open if you want to hang out also or go have mommy and daddy time.