Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Best Hunt Ever

This past weekend, Rob, myself and Cade joined Papa and Mr. Gary at the Hun-Tin House.  Scoot stayed behind with Gamma to go to the Gator junaxtix meet. 

We left late Friday afternoon, and it wasn’t long before we saw this in the back seat…

Cade sleepApparently, school wore him out!

We woke him up for a stop at Waffle House.  Y’all, our family loves us some Waffle House.  So much so, that we bought 2 of their coffee mugs for our house:)

Cade and I didn’t hunt Saturday morning.  We needed some sleep.  Rob hunted, but had no luck.  We decided to take a stroll back to the house to see the progress.

Have you ever seen such a pile of sawdust?


Here is the island.


What in the heck is going in all of those drawers?  Maybe they plan to sleep some guests in there?  or misbehaving children?  Who knows.

Now on to the fun part.  This was the BEST.HUNT.EVER!  I tried to convince Cade to hunt with me, but he insists that I never let him shoot.  So, I hunted by myself.  Later, Cade sure was sorry he missed out.

I saw a total of 24 hogs in 2 1/2 hours.  Here are the goods…

sb 2 hogsI shot both of these, and shot at a third hog.  The worst part was, after I shot my last bullet, 6 more hogs came in and I had nothing to shoot them with.  Speaking of no bullets, I had to wait for Rob to come and get me.  It gets dark.  REAL DARK.  I am a scaredy cat with a capital S.  Rob is always telling me “you have a gun, what are you scared of?”  Hello!  The gun does no good if you have no bullets to shoot.  I got really scared.  I was texting him asking him ever so nicely to hurry and get his hind-end over to me. 

We had a great time, and I was certainly proud of my hogs.  I can’t wait to go back again!!!


Carrie said...

You are TOO much! Adam is sitting next to me looking at something on his phone and I said, "Honey, check out SaraBeth's hogs!" He's proud of you too :) said...

OK ... so when Daddy O was telling BzR about this BzR told Daddy O he needed to buy you some bullets ... Daddy O informed BzR that you had plenty you just didn't take them with you ... O ye of little Faith ;-) Next time you better have a satchel of bullets strapped to you – if for no other reason you have to show those men what you are capable of!! BzR and I are so proud of YOU!! I hope that with all the hog killin that's goin on Daddy O is able to master bacon making!! Love ya Bess!!