Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vaughn Halen

We have all thoroughly enjoyed playing Rock Band on the Wii that the kids got for Christmas.  This is the first game that we  can truly all play together. 

Rob and I decided to name our band “Vaughn Halen.”  It was really my idea:)  Anyhow, I’d like to introduce you to our band members. 

On the strings, we have Daddy.

I think he is possible THE hottest guitar player to grace the stage.

We sometimes have a fight over the drums because Cade and I both love to play.  But, since it was his game, I conceded to him (at least for this video.)  So…

On the drums, we have Caderade (he named his own character.)

I get so tickled at him gettin’ on that pedal.  It takes all he has to push it down.  He’s so adorably handsome!!!

SaraGrace has multiple talents.  She loves to sing, but most of the time she gets us kicked off of the stage.  I would say she should stick to dancing.

Here is our backup dancer, SaraGrace.

She’s got some mad skills that, I have to admit, come from her daddy. 

I think we have some serious talent.  I wonder if Rock Band would be applicable for “America’s Got Talent.”

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