Monday, January 9, 2012

If I Learned One Thing in 2011…

When the new year came upon us, I contemplated doing a recap post, but it’s been a busy year, and if you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you know it’s been a HECK of a year.

So instead of doing a recap post, I decided to reflect on what God has shown me this past year-the toughest year of my life!  There are so many things He has taught me, but they all come down to one thing.


When we found ourselves faced with so many unanswered questions, God was GOOD to show us the way with great clarity.  He made decisions for us, putting people in our lives, strengthening our faith and bringing us joy in the midst of the greatest heartache known to man.

When we found ourselves holding our daughter, Faith, for the very short time she was here on earth, God was SO GOOD to provide us with that precious time.  He was good to allow her to leave my arms to go into His in such a peaceful way.  He was so GOOD to grant us the peace that passes all understanding when we couldn’t understand anything at all.

When our children asked the most difficult questions of their parents, God was so GOOD to give us the words and the wisdom to explain, to comfort, to love and to carry them.  It warms my heart when I hear from adults that Cade or SaraGrace has told them all about Faith.  And they always marvel at how they know that she is in Heaven.  That, my friends, is the goodness of the Heavenly Father.

When our marriage hit rock bottom, and we found ourselves overwhelmed with hurt, failure, and desperation, the Holy Spirit was so GOOD to move in us, reminding us who we were and who’s we were.  He stirred our souls, making us fall in love all over again with a stronger, tougher love that Satan WILL NOT ever destroy.  God is so GOOD!

When we were born into sin, and deserved the penalty of an eternity in Hell, God is so GOOD that He sent his only son to die on the cross, to pay the pardon for our sins that we may one day spend an eternity in Heaven.  This is also what  gives us the promise of seeing our Faith in Heaven one day.  He is so GOOD!

God is Good!  All the Time! 

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Ashley said...

AMEN! God is GOOD! Thanks for sharing how He has been good to you & your family..even in the seemingly worst of circumstances. Praying for you all and thanks for being an inspiration and sharing your life with so many people. Praying for a blessed 2012 :)