Monday, January 23, 2012

Just Me and SG

This weekend, the boys went to the Hun-Tin house to finish some electrical work.  I stayed behind because I was making a birthday cake for a dear friend.  Because I do not stay by myself, SG and me stayed with said friend.

We had a great time getting ready for the party.  I temporarily came out of cake retirement to make this masterpiece:

cakeWe worked on it Friday night and Saturday morning.  The little girls decided to get dressed up after they woke up. 

Princess Friends…

princess friends

The actual birthday party was later that afternoon.  The older girls were all dressed up for a photo shoot.  The theme was black and hot pink.  SG got dressed for the occasion too.

SG Zebra

That is probably one of my most favorite pictures of her:)

As I was looking through the pictures to use for my post, it became apparent that SG had my phone for some time.  She finally realized my iphone will allow you to take pictures of yourself.  She had a hay-day!

SG 4


 SG 2

 SG 3  


Good times with Gracie are always a sure thing!!!

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Nicole said...

I love those photos. My daughter is 8 and she loves to take photos of herself. What a cutie!