Monday, January 16, 2012

SaraGrace Goes to the Dentist

SaraGrace had her first cleaning appointment with the dentist last week.  Unfortunately for her, my fearless little fairy was scared to death.  Her brother told her they were going to put drills in her mouth and pull all of her teeth out!  So she took a little coaxing to get over her fear.


The first thing she did was find the headphones for the tv.  Since they don’t have tv at home, it was a real treat!


Mrs. Sandy was so sweet to explain everything she was doing.  After each step, SaraGrace would reply, “And then you’ll be done?”  It was really cute!



But she thought she was big stuff when she got to hold and operate the big sucker!


Thankfully she didn’t have any cavities!  And she got to pick TWO prizes out of the box.  But the highlight of the trip was the following story:

Once we were done, I had to go into the waiting area to pay.  SaraGrace was busy twirling her bag of goodies which included a new toothbrush, her very own Sponge Bob toothpaste, some “flost”, and her prizes.  As I was paying, a very elderly lady asked, “Did you go see the dentist?”  To which SaraGrace replied, “Uh-huh.  And I got a new toothbrush, some SpongeBob toothpaste, and 2 prizes.”  The lady then asked, “Well, did they clean your teeth?”  SaraGrace said, “Yes ma’am.  Do you want to smell them?”  I nearly died, but nothing prepared me for the rest.  The sweet old lady said, “Sure I’ll smell them.”  She leaned forward, and wait for it…..SG exhaled a huge breath right in the lady’s face.  I felt so sorry for her, but then realized she really messed up when she offered to smell her teeth.  But she told her that they smelled so good, and it made SaraGrace’s day (and mine too.  Now the lady, that’s probably a different story.)


Nicole said...

hahaha that is totally something my daughter would do. She always asks me to smell her breath, gross huh! Congrats on a successful dentist visit!

Carrie said...

Stop it!!!! I am rolling out of my desk chair and on to the dirty office floor ;) SG is too much! Praise the Lord for good teeth. Allie Claire is going to the dentist in Feb. for her first visit...I need to go ahead and start praying. Ha!

Edmund Falkner said...

Hahaha, it's never fun for little kids when they have siblings who tease them about the dentist. Well, in the end, it all went well for her, so good job! It's a blessing to be young and be clean of cavities on that fateful first visit to the dentist.

Kristen Marlin said...

She's quite independent for her age. As she already organizes her stuff and takes care of her teeth on her own, I'm pretty sure that, when she grows up, she won't be like other adults who still fear dental visits. You're very fortunate to have a girl like her.

Landen Worley said...

A story worth telling! You've got me laughing, Sarabeth! I'm happy that the first visit was a success. You shouldn't have any problems the next time you take SaraGrace to the dentist. Keeping our kid's teeth healthy is our responsibility. I hope that you are visiting the dentist regularly. Take care!

Landen Worley